Ongoing Support


At South Holderness Sports Centre we can offer a range of support to help keep your gym workout invigorating and stimulating.

Programme Review

We would recommend that members book a programme review with one of our instructors every six weeks. Reviewing and adapting your programme regularly allows you to continually challenge yourself and your body, helping you achieve your goals and stopping your workout becoming boring or easy.

Health Check

Members can book an appointment with one of our highly qualified instructor’s who will assess your health using various measurements such as blood pressure or body fat, and then suggest lifestyle or exercise changes. Highly recommended for members who want to monitor the ongoing improvement with a specific condition, such as lowering blood pressure.

Personal Training

Availability limited, pre-booking essential. Need an instructor to demonstrate a particular set of exercises for you or help push you to achieve your own potential? From time to time our instructors are available to supervise a members training session, give tips or demonstrate specific exercises to add to your training programme.

Having a Chat

If there is any aspect of our service throughout the centre that you want to find out more about please ask a member of staff. Our staff are always available to help and will happily answer any questions you may have.