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Live Well

Live Well is a free 12 month healthy lifestyle programme that addresses weight management and physical activity for individuals (over 18 years) with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 45 and over. 

The programme aims to provide tailored advice and support to reduce calorie intake, increase sustainable physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour and start to address an individual’s psychological relationship with food in accordance with national guidance.

Individuals get:

  • 12 months personal support and tuition from our qualified instructors

  • an individual needs analysis of their needs and expectations

  • a tailored programme of exercise, nutrition and psychological support to promote increases in levels of physical activity, healthy eating and motivation to support lifestyle changes

  • support to exercise at a leisure centre (seated if necessary) or at home

  • free access during the 12 months to the programmed exercise activities and to all other activities at the leisure centre

  • and a free pass for a family member/friend to access the leisure centre activities with them, to provide support to the individual on the Live Well programme.

Live Well is designed to:

  • help people make changes in their lifestyle to encourage them to develop a healthier diet and to increase exercise levels

  • promote lasting behaviour change.

Live Well is not a clinical service, it is a complimentary service which does not replace specialist services e.g. dietetics, mental health etc.

Live Well will work with an individuals dietician regarding the nutritional advice given where required or will access their own specialist dietician if further support is required

If the individual is identified as needing clinical advice they will be directed to speak to you for advice/management

Accessing Live Well

  • Individuals can only access Live Well through their GP

  • Individuals must be willing to make changes to their lifestyle in order to access the service

  • A referral form needs to be completed and faxed through to (01482) 395147.

Individuals not able to access the programme

  • Children and young adults under 18 years of age

  • Individuals not willing to make the required changes to their lifestyle

  • Individuals with a BMI of under 45.

Live Well customer before participation
Live Well customer before participation
Live Well customer during participation in the programme
Live Well customer during participation in the programme